With connectivity at the heart of industry transformation, 5G will have a key role to play — not just in the evolution of communication but in the evolution of businesses and society as a whole. On the road to 5G, operators will need to do more than just evolve networks; they will need to transform their business to address new opportunities.

Operators have excelled in connecting phones, tablets, and other devices, but connecting and managing growing numbers of cars, meters, machinery sensors and consumer electronics profitably will require innovative business models. Today, the vast majority of operator IoT revenues come…

It’s a vision we’ve seen in science fiction countless times: robots reacting independently to novel situations they couldn’t possibly have been programmed for. Until now it’s been no more than a fantasy, but with the advent of 5G, robotics could be on the brink of a revolution.

5G is the next generation of mobile internet connectivity. It will be around 10 times faster than 4G speeds, with far more bandwidth and more reliable connections — and for robotics, that makes all the difference.

Why robotics needs 5G?

Latency is an enormous challenge for robot developers; if it takes too long…

Here are the top 5G phones that connect to the next-gen network.

Last year, major carriers kicked off their 5G deployment in earnest, and you’ll continue to see 5G phones being released this year and next. In the US, 5G is currently live in select cities for AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and other regional carriers. The 5G networks for all four major carriers in the UK are live too.

Apple’s latest iPhone 12 phones all have 5G connectivity, and Samsung, the most popular manufacturer of 5G phones, has several under its belt. This includes the foldable Galaxy Z Flip 5G, the…

Though never managing to successfully predict what each forthcoming generation of mobile technology should deliver to satisfy future users, the industry has nonetheless reached some consensus on the use cases for 5G communications. Machine to machine communications is one. 5G should enable the IoT, the future where all online-enabled objects will quietly pass on data to each other or to a central computer.

Facilitating the use of mobile networks by connected and autonomous cars, remotely controlled industrial robots, telehealth systems, and smart city infrastructure are also all expected to figure large in 5G thinking. …

In the 5G ecosystem, the differential aspect of service-quality will gain ground. By kick-starting deep-fibre rollout plans now, telcos will be better placed to maximise their returns on investments

The next-generation wireless technology, 5G, has explosive growth potential, and the demand is brewing. Curiously, the technology has somehow been accompanied by a myth that it could do away with the need for wired networks, even in the backhauls. The reality is the other way round — 5G simply cannot achieve its true potential in the absence of anything less than deep fibre.

The 5G promise

Driven by faster speeds, improved…

The technology’s coverage will be broader. Devices will be cheaper. And we might start seeing applications that tap into 5G’s benefits.

The rise of 5G and foldable phones invigorated the mobile industry, setting the stage for a big 2020. Then the novel coronavirus pandemic hit. The world, and phone sales, screeched to a halt.

But the funny thing is, in the midst of a global crisis, phone sales bounced back.

This was supposed to be the year 5G went mainstream, of consumers seeking out the technology. But early speeds were a little underwhelming, so it could be 2021 is when…

The announcement on December 17 of the provisional winners of 5G licences is expected to kick off the creation of a whole range of new services and business opportunities in Cyprus.

The full benefits of the new technology will become obvious once an eco-system of applications and solutions is built around it, able to provide changes to our everyday lives, including smart cities, precision farming, internet of things and many other applications, as one industry source noted.

The scale of the benefits offered is vast: wireless technology specialist Qualcomm expects the transition to 5G will boost global GDP by $3…

The revolutionary changes and impact of the fourth industrial revolution will be wholly realized through the wide-scale deployment of 5G technology in communication networks.

By 2023, experts estimate that over one billion users will have access to 5G technology, boasting speeds as high as 500Mbps to 1Gbps, pushing the data transfer capabilities and other connectivity solutions to a new level — and more.

Here are more of the predicted impacts of 5G to the global economy.

Support growth across different industries

Experts estimate that by 2035, 5G related services will be worth over $12 trillion, ranging from improved mobile broadband…

With profitable business models and killer applications starting to emerge, 5G is expected to be one of the largest and fastest-growing markets. By the end of 2020, 125 operators in 52 countries/territories have launched commercial 5G services, and 5G subscriptions are likely to be over 200 million globally. However, the unexpected COVID-19 pandemic has slowed down the rollout of the 5G network globally. Also, the uncertainty of global economics and the on-going China–United States trade war might delay the adaption of 5G technology.

This article summarizes and highlights some of the critical developments and news in 2020.

5G infrastructure and…

Businesses have not made the most of 5G deployment in 2020, not least due to the considerable disruption from the coronavirus. In 2021, there will be more opportunities to use 5G to foster in improved forms of AI.

5G is the fifth generation technology standard for broadband cellular networks, offering faster speeds and more reliable connections. While cellular phone companies began deploying worldwide in 2019, the take-up has slowed a little in 2020.

high-performance 5G connectivity and real-time edge computing capabilities, enterprises will more rapidly implement AI technology to support various use cases across their organizations, including robotic assembly lines…


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